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Could a nutrient deficiency be hurting your health?


"My mom is now in remission!!! And her metabolic panel has been looking much more normal than it was during chemo.

The absolute best part about working with Ginger is just who she is as a person. Her attitude is so positive and she has been such a cheerleader for my mom. We always feel better after a call with her because it feels like we're taking real steps to keep my mom healthy. Ginger meets us on our level, not pushing my mom to try foods that don't appeal to her or supplements we're hesitant about — instead, she helps us build a plan that fits our life but is still anti-cancer".


Anti-Inflammatory Protocols
A clinical and integrative approach

Our goal is to reduce chronic inflammation in your body and support your immune system while you're treating your underlying disease with your medical team. We support your healing through nutrition.

Ginger Hultin Nutrition is a team of integrative registered dietitians with years of clinical experience who have developed a unique approach nutrition for complex medical conditions and chronic disease.

Patients come to us at two stages:

1. when they are first diagnosed and are seeking education and a plan to help
reduce their symptoms and maximize their treatment strategy.

2. patients and caregivers of later stage or chronic/ongoing conditions seeking nutrition support to reduce inflammation and pain, and gain energy and vitality through their treatments.

Our approach includes: 
-an anti-inflammatory diet
-nutrient and supplement assessment and strategy
-an integrative + functional approach (stress management, sleep, lab evaluation,
hormone balancing, physical activity and movement)
-genomic testing for those it is appropriate for

Stop feeling:

-Afraid and confused
-Overwhelmed by conflicting advice
-Like side effects are out of control
-As if your weight has a mind of its own
-Like you have no idea what to eat Unsure of what to eat or when
-You're getting 'basic'/standard advice

Nutrition education can help:

-Reduce or create less severe side-effects from chemo and/or radiation
so you can live as normal a life as possible.
-Manage your weight (loss or gain) so you can stay in treatment and get better.
-Get your questions answered so you have peace of mind that you're doing all you can to get well.
-Make healthy eating a priority during treatment in an easy and achievable way
to reduce stress and additional burden on your schedule.
-Create lifelong healthy habits to keep you well after your immediate treatment.
-Develop a plan unique to you so you feel empowered and grounded during your journey.

Ginger holding a mug

Getting Started

Step 1: Click the button above to reach out for a brief introduction call where we will discuss your case.

Step 2: On your intro call, we'll review your application form and I'll walk you through the program structure and pricing. I'll discuss which dietitian on the team has the perfect specialty and experience to help you with your goals. You'll be sent comprehensive notes from our call, an online invoice, program contract, and HIPAA-compliant online paperwork.

Step 3: We'll schedule your first call. On each call, your dietitian will contact you via phone or video (up to you!) and you'll spend action-oriented time together. Common call topics include: answering your nutrition questions in an evidence-based way that's personalized to you, meal planning, reviewing labs or genetic data, discussing integrative nutrition topics such as stress management, hormonal balance, sleep quality, fueling physical activity, and problem-solving as you build on more and more healthy habits.
You'll walk away with homework to complete by the next call.

Answers to Common Questions:

FAQ 1: Do you take insurance?

I don't accept insurance at this time. I am committed to a comprehensive solution that leaves no stone unturned for all my clients. I accept clients who are ready to get creative with me and often, this often means moving beyond what insurance can cover. While I do not take insurance, I do accept health savings (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) and can provide you a superbill that you can submit to your insurance.

FAQ 2: What exactly is your "program"? Is it a meal plan or a diet plan?

Our work together is collaborative; you are the expert on YOU. People who are ready for change are the best fit for this action-oriented program. There is no one-size-fits-all diet or prescription; rather I partner with each client to create a unique plan just for them. We create meal plans together based on what you valiue, enjoy, like and dislike, your schedule...everything.

FAQ 3: Can I see you in person? Where's your office?

I'm located in the Seattle area and Katie is based in Florida, but we conduct visits over the phone or video conference, allowing for clients to be located anywhere on the globe. No traffic, no parking, total flexibility.

FAQ 4: Do you send pre-packaged food as part of your program?

No: we don't send you packaged food and that's not part of the program. You'll never be prescribed a shake, bar or meal replacement when you're with us! This is about real, whole food that improves your health. This is not a meal delivery service and there's no "special food" required to purchase or consume.

FAQ 4: How is this different than working with a hospital dietitian at my clinic?

Don't get me wrong - all dietitians are highly trained in nutrition and will be a great resource for you. I've been in the hospital and clinic setting which is why I eventually went out on my own. There are quotas that need to be met and many clinical workers see 10-20 patients per day. They are beholden to recommending the products their hospital or clinic is affiliated with. My clients often express frustration that they receive "generic" advice or are given a handout or brochure that's not particularly helpful. We can offer a much more in-depth, personalized approach for your care.


"Ginger provided such real life,

practical advice that we could institute immediately.

It made such a difference in our daily routine."

-LA Seattle

"Ginger provides what other medical providers on our team aren't. She helps us fill in the gaps."

-MT Louisville 

"I was surprised at how easy, fun and enjoyable this has been. Overhauling my entire diet was easier than I thought. I love not feeling bloated and sluggish. It’s been a life changing experience so far in a short amount of time. Your style is so helpful for me; I don’t feel any pressure. I can be myself and find foods that I like to eat that are also good for me. It’s been really freeing".

SS Seattle

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can work together!