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Gin Ginger Beet Cocktail with Thyme

November 21, 2017 by Ginger Hultin MS RDN

Beet, ginger and thyme all sound like ingredients in a delicious salad, but they are actually the main ingredients in my gin cocktail. I got my inspiration for this Gin Ginger Beet Cocktail with Thyme from my visit to Fig in Santa Monica, where I was drawn to their “Give me a Beet” cocktail. This drink was made with gin, muddled beets, lemon, blackberry liqueur and thyme – and let me tell you it was amazing. I loved it so much that I wanted to make my own version of it with gin, beets, apples, ginger, honey, soda water and thyme. 

Beets in a cocktail? Even if you’re not into their earthy flavor, you may enjoy this one because it’s not “beety” in taste. Beets have tons of healthful properties, so they are commonly used in juices and smoothies. I wanted to overcome any potential ‘beet’ flavor by combining this veggie with other strong flavors like ginger and apple, so everything is well balanced and delicious. The beets make this drink a vibrant red-pink color, making it the perfect drink for a party – whether it’s a holiday party, cocktail party, pool party or bridal shower, this drink will win a crowd over.

Health Benefits 

My Gin Ginger Beet Cocktail with Thyme is not only delicious and refreshing, but it also contains ingredients with powerful health benefits from so many ingredients.

The Beets

Beets are one of those foods that people either hate or love. Their negative reactions aren’t as common as some other foods, but it seems like a lot of people don’t like them because they have only tried them one way – even though there are tons of different ways to enjoy them! If you are someone who isn’t a beet fan, you should really give them a chance, especially in my Gin Ginger Beet Cocktail with Thyme. 

Beets are packed with essential nutrients, including folate, manganese and copper. Their rich, intense color comes from betalains, which have antioxidant, cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. Beets are also rich in nitrates, which have been known to improve heart health. Basically, beets are amazing and you should incorporate them more into your life (like with this cocktail). 


Ginger is another powerful ingredient in this drink that possesses a variety of health benefits. It’s been used for cooking and medicine for centuries and is commonly used to treat nausea and stomach pain. Gingerol is a natural oil found in ginger that helps give it such a strong and spicy flavor. This unique oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Ginger is such an amazing ingredient, but it can be overpowering, so be mindful when using it. The beets and ginger in my Gin Ginger and Beet Cocktail with Thyme beautifully balance each other out – creating a well-composed cocktail. If you are looking for more delicious ginger drinks, check out my Carrot Ginger Tumeric Mimosa and Pomegranate Ginger Mocktail


Even though the apples in this drink aren’t necessarily the star, they still add tons of flavor and health benefits. Everyone knows the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but what’s so good about apples? Well first off they are loaded with important vitamins, like vitamin C, potassium and vitamin k. Skin on or off, apples are nutritious, but by leaving the skin on, you will get double the amount of fiber and polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties. 

Most cocktails are super sweet because they use simple syrup as their main sweetener, but that can cause a bad hangover. I decided to use honey in my Gin Ginger Beet Cocktail with Thyme because it adds just enough sweetness to the drink without being too much – plus it adds additional antioxidants. My Sparkling Plum Basil Cocktail also utilizes honey in the perfect way. 


Thyme is a very popular herb in the culinary world because it adds a delicious flavor and fragrance to many different types of dishes, but there are actually some medicinal qualities to it. As well as containing vitamins C and A, thyme also has antibacterial properties that may help with acne – so it does more than just add flavor and aroma. 

Making the Gin Ginger Beet Cocktail with Thyme  


I think the most intimidating thing about this cocktail is the beet because not everyone knows how to cook it. If you are someone who doesn’t feel up to cooking and peeling a beet, you can simply buy a pre-cooked beet at the store (just make sure it’s not marinated or salted). Keep in mind that boiling or baking beets is actually really easy and relatively hands-off. You can multitask while they’re cooking! Make sure you get a red beet, because this will give your cocktail that beautiful, vibrant red-pink color. 


There are so many different varieties of apples out there, all of which have their own unique flavor profiles. I used a gala apple in this recipe because it has a mild and sweet flavor that works well with the other ingredients, but if you prefer another type of apple you can use that instead (as long as it isn’t too tart). 


Fresh ginger can be scary, but it is so worth it. Getting the skin off is the worst part just because it can be tedious, but the skin is soft enough that you can just use a spoon to scrape it all off (great way to bring kids into the kitchen – make yourself this cocktail then make your kids my Banana Ginger Oats). 

Once you have your cooked beet, chopped apple and fresh ginger, you’re going to add them to a blender with water and blend them together until smooth. Place this pureed goodness at the bottom of 4 cocktail glasses and combine with the honey. If you want ta vegan product, try agave syrup instead. 

Fill each glass up with ice and pour in the gin and soda water and finish by garnishing with your sprigs of thyme.

Let me know if you try this one by leaving a comment on the blog below!

Gin Ginger Beet Cocktail with Thyme

This gorgeous color is 100% natural and the flavors in this drink are earthy and subtle
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Course: Beverage, cocktail
Cuisine: Americana
Keyword: beet, classic cocktail, cocktail, healthy cocktail
Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4
Author: StringMasterAdmin


  • 1 cooked red beet peeled and stemmed
  • 1 medium apple cored and roughly chopped
  • 1- inch fresh ginger grated
  • 8 fluid ounces gin
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 16 ounces soda water
  • ice cubes
  • 4 thyme sprigs for garnish


  • Combine beet, apple, and ginger with about 1 cup of water in a blender and pulse until blended and smooth. Scoop 2 ounces of beet/apple puree into the bottom of four small cocktail glasses and combine with 1/2 teaspoon honey in each glass. Fill glasses to the top with ice cubes then add 2 ounces of gin and top with 4 ounces of soda water each. Stir well and serve with 2 sprigs of thyme in each glass.
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